Implement Waterless Car Washing in Your Car Detailing Business

Running a car detailing business is no longer a simple as it used to be. Do you know why I am saying this? In my opinion, you probably know the reason, which is the increased environmental regulations that are forcing automobile washing companies to replace the old methods of automobile washing with the modern methods.

All thanks to the major improvements in the car care industry that have helped automobile detailers to stay in compliance. One of the major advancement or improvement is the introduction of car wash products. These products are helping car detailers to safely clean and protect a vehicle without a single drop of water to reach the ground. Saving water is of great benefit to the environment.

Previously, car detailers simply let the waste water containing brake dust, engine oils, phosphates and other contaminants flow into the environment, which pollutes the waterways and affects the aquatic life. The waterless cleaning method is free from this problem as the cleaning is performed without water. This method makes a detailer’s life easier as there is no need to haul the vehicle near a large water tank.

When cars were cleaned traditionally, every morning car cleaners have to fill up the tank with water and finding a local source of deionized or distilled water is not an easy job. This causes inconvenience not because you have to pay money, but arranging this much of water is not possible. If you are already operating a car detailing business and now you have decided to add waterless washing to your existing services, then congrats you have made a commendable decision.

By doing this, you have given yourself a chance to grow your profits to manyfolds. If you want to give the best results to your clients, then you need best waterless car wash. For this, you have to do a lot of research in the market from time to time. The research is to make yourself familiar with the latest products.

The best way to lure more and more customers is offer free demonstration or a free wash. If they are satisfied with the free wash service, then surely they will come to you again for getting their car cleaned. You can offer them testimonials of previous clients to give them a reason to trust your business. In future, the waterless car washing will surely become a norm. Until then, you have to convince people to go for waterless washing rather than traditional washing.

Summary – The given article talks about waterless car washing, which is a unique car cleaning service that is able to grab the attention of the masses.

Waterless Car Wash Method: A Great Alternative to the Traditional Method

A hose and soap bucket is what comes the very first in your mind when you think of washing your car. If this is true, you’re not aware of the most innovative thing in the automotive industry. Here, I’m talking about ‘waterless car wash’ method that is getting more and more popular with each passing day. And why wouldn’t it be? This method offers the best way to remove dirt, dust, and road grime from vehicles without letting a single drop of water touch the ground.

Waterless Car Wash

The waterless car wash method is both, eco-friendly and efficient. You can also call it ‘spray-on car wash’, or ‘no-water car wash’. Since this method requires no water at all, a car owner can expect to save gallons of water. Without any doubt, this is a great alternative to the traditional car wash method. After all, it eliminates the use of water, which is really commendable.

How Does It Work?

The waterless car wash method is incomplete without the use of waterless car wash products. Formulated with the best cleaning agents, these products are sprayed onto the surface of the car to break down and lift the dirt particles. Just after a minute or two, wipe off all the dust and spray using a clean micro fiber cloth. That’s it.

A Common Myth

Chances are you get to know about many demerits about the waterless car wash method. However, you shouldn’t pay attention to them. Actually, many myths are circulating around nowadays. For example, waterless products don’t really help the global environment. Reason being is – they contain harmful chemicals that, in fact, promote harmful practices. But, this is not true at all. If you’re sure about the quality of the products you’re using, you can be rest assured and feel proud; you promote the environment friendly practices.

Some Benefits of Waterless Car Wash Method

Time saving is one of the biggest advantages of waterless method. Just imagine, you can wash and clean your beloved car in just half the time than the traditional car wash method. And of course, you need no water at all. This is also helpful for minimizing the mess that you’re left with at the end of every car wash. How? Well, there would be no watery floor any more. And thus, it directly saves your efforts too. What’s more? With the effective use of waterless products, you can expect to save a lot of money, as you no longer require to drive off to an auto wash agency every time.

If you’ve made your mind to buy waterless products to get the best service of car wash in Philly, you’ve made a wonderful decision. Just make sure you get the finest quality products.

How to Maintain the Lustrous Look of Your Car?

There could be many options to choose from to wash and clean your car. But, using water just for this purpose is sometimes not allowed, especially when water shortage has been emerged as a big issue across the globe. So, what should be done? Shouldn’t you wash your car at all? Or should you compromise with its look? Well, hold on. There is nothing to lose your heart. Interestingly, you can make the most of the little things around you. And don’t forget, little things too make a difference.

In this article, I’ll share with you an innovative way to give your car a whole new look without letting even a single drop of water touch the ground. Given below are some steps you should follow to keep your car in a good and running condition.

First things first, start cleaning from horizontal surfaces of your car and get a waterless car spray and wax for the best results. Why clean the whole car from top to bottom? Focus on the noticeable exterior parts, such as hood, trunk, or rear bumper that have watermarks because of dew or rain.

Your car won’t look good unless you clean its windshield. Seems an easy job. Right? Don’t make any mistake by considering it a simple. Pay attention to its glass instead. Remember, you’ll have to compromise with the visibility factor if you don’t eliminate the haze and grime. Don’t forget to clean windows and side mirrors.

Next is to clean wheels and tires. You may find this task boring or cumbersome. But, luckily, wheels and tires can be cleaned using a small cotton rag only. Just wipe off the center section of the rims and use brush wherever needed.

Once you’re done with the exterior parts, get inside your car and clean its interior. Start with taking out the garbage. After all, it’s your car not a dumpster. It’s good to place a small trash bag inside your car if you often feel the need of dumping papers, food, or other junk. Also, make sure to clean your trash bag regularly. Clean the floor mats properly. Do it simply by shaking them out if you don’t have a vacuum.

In order to clean everything you see or touch, get the best waterless car products. Finding the right products for your car isn’t a daunting task if you know what to take into account. Once you determine your needs, start browsing online portals using the right phrase. For example, you can type waterless products for car wash in Philadelphia in the search bar. This will help you get relevant search results and thus, you’ll end up buying the right products for your car.

Wrong Beliefs of People Regarding Waterless Detailing Products

Owning a car is a cause of worry more than a luxury for many individuals as they don’t like to do its washing, however, it is necessary for them to know the importance of getting their car cleaned. If you want your car to run smoothly and look like a new one, then it is important for you to get it serviced at regular intervals of time.

At the same time, it is important for you to take care of the environment while cleaning your car. Washing a car with water requires several gallons of water and sometimes it would be difficult to arrange that much of water due to scarcity of water. You need to locate a substitute of water, which will is more than necessary because there is limited amount of water available on the planet.

There are people out there who use waterless car detailing products such as car wash sprays. They say that with these products, you don’t need water to clean your car. When you know about this, then you will surely ask how can you clean your car without water. So there is no rocket science behind this as these products contain chemicals which require no water to clean the surface of an automobile.

Some people avoid to use these as they have a misconception about these products and some of the misconceptions are listed below:

Scratch Your Car’s Surface – Until you are making use of right techniques for car wash in Philly with waterless detailing products, then there is no chance of getting a scratch on your car’s surface. The right technique is using a soft cotton cloth and rubbing the surface lightly rather than rubbing it with force.

Not Good For the Environment – This is not completely true as some waterless detailing products available in the market are made up of chemicals that are not good for the environment. So make sure the product you choose for cleaning your car uses chemicals that cause no harm to the environment.

Remove the Paint – The belief of many people is that car wash sprays remove the paint of your car, however, there is no truth in this as actually they protect your vehicle’s paint as these provides a resistant coating.

Quite Expensive – Some people think that that traditional method of washing the car with water is quite cheaper. However, there is no truth in this because several gallons of water is wasted and you can save the same by going for waterless wash.

Worry About the Environment – Choose Waterless Car Wash Method

It is important to clean your car regularly to maintain its gleam otherwise it will look dull and no one likes to drive a dull looking car. When it comes to cleaning of the car, then most of the people know only the hose-pipe method where several gallons of water is required.

If cleaning of the vehicle is a one-time affair, then it is okay to clean it with water, however, it is not a one-time affair as you need to clean your vehicle on a regular basis to keep in running condition. You can clean your vehicle only if you have enough water. In case you don’t have enough water to wash your automobile, then how do you keep it clean?

Maybe you don’t have an answer to this question as you don’t know about any technique which requires minimal or no water to clean your automobile. It does not mean that there is no such technique as there is a technique called waterless washing. The number of automobiles around the world are growing at a fast pace and cleaning those require million gallons of water.

Here, the waterless technique of cleaning automobiles will come quite handy and the best thing is that you can clean your car at any place, which could be your home, office or playground as you don’t need water. The problem with some people, especially the working professionals is that they don’t have the time to clean their vehicle whether with or without water. What they could do is contact a car wash company that offering waterless car washing service.

You might have a doubt that how these companies clean automobiles without water. The answer is through waterless detailing products, which are specifically developed for this purpose. In case you think that these might cause harm to the environment, then it is important for you to know that these are made from environment-friendly materials. So, you no longer need to worry about the environment.

Some people prefer to wash their car using water because they think that the use of a waterless car wash might remove the paint. However, it is not true at all as a car wash spray forms a layer over the surface of your car and protects the paint. Whether choosing a company for car wash in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania or in any other area, try to go with a company that makes use of waterless detailing products as by doing so you are contributing in saving the environment.

How to Detail Your Automobile?

The methods used to wash automobiles have underwent a tremendous change in the recent times as nowadays waterless techniques are used to clean automobiles. Automobile detailing is not just about cleaning the automobile from outside, but it includes cleaning the automobile from inside. You need to pay attention to even tiny detail because the same matters to a great extent.

The job of automobile detailing starts from cleaning the interior and it is advised to keep your focus on cleaning the interior and go for exterior detailing only when you are done away with it. For cleaning the interior first of all remove the floor mats and clean the mats and floor with the help of a vacuum cleaner. Slide the seats forward and back and use vacuum cleaner for cleaning the same so that even a single particle of dust wouldn’t remain there.

It is advised to use a vacuum cleaner from top and move towards bottom as the dust or dirt that has accumulated up would fall down. Next is to clean the carpet or upholstery items  with the help of products such as a foam cleanser. All you need to do is rub the surface with a damp cloth or sponge after applying the foam cleanser. You would find the surface shining and in case the stain doesn’t come out, then repeat the process until you achieve success.

One can use compressed air and detailing brushes to clean out the accumulated dust from the buttons, dashboard and doors. It will surely work and make the interior shining. Wipe out the interior surfaces with an all-purpose cleaner. It is recommended to condition your leather seats to make them look appealing. Also, this protects them from drying out and resulting in cracks, which don’t look good at all.

This is all about detailing your car from inside without water and the same process must be applied for external cleaning, where you have to clean the surface in a way that it will look attractive without causing any harm to the surface.

In case you are running short of time, then you can contact a company offering car detailing in Philadelphia, PA or one in your area. Try to go with a company that makes use of waterless ways to clean your car. You can contribute towards saving the environment by choosing a company using waterless techniques to wash automobiles.

A great amount of water could be saved through waterless washing techniques and the same could be provided to people who don’t have access to clean water.

Waterless Car Wash Products: Give Your Car a Pro Service

If you treat your car only as a means of transport, you are mistaken. Buying a car comes second just after the home, therefore, it should be given equal importance like you give your home. What your car demands is – regular washing. That’s it. No doubt you sometimes take time to get it washed, however, just think if it’s enough for it.

Don’t follow what your neighbors do. They might have their own reasons to wash their vehicles with regular dish wash soap. While this option seems to be a simple and not-so-expensive option, the end results may disappoint you. You’re therefore recommended to give your car a pro wash service. Thinking about the costs? Well, don’t be worried. There are many products available in the market that can give your car the wash it needs. Guess what? They don’t come with higher price tags. Moreover, they are Eco-friendly and can help you save on money, as you no longer need to drive all the way to an auto wash company.

Here, I’m referring to waterless car wash products. As the name suggests, waterless products use no water to give any vehicle a long lasting shine. Unlike other products, these products are formulated with the best cleaning agents that don’t only remove dust and dirt, but also promote global environment. Having waterless products means having the best of both worlds.

If you compare the traditional method of car wash with the latest innovation of the automotive industry, i.e. waterless products, you will find a huge difference. You may, in fact, realize that you’ve wasted gallons of water that could have been used for several other purposes, including drinking. Moreover, you have wasted so much time that could have used for doing the activities you love to do.

In order to buy the best product for car wash in Philly, for example, you can go online. Since many companies offer such products, therefore, you won’t find much difficulty in choosing the best one. Once you have the right product, you can, then, give your car a pro wash at the ease of your home. All you need to do is to spray the product on the surface of the car, let it stay there for a minute, and then, gently remove it with a clean fabric cloth. That’s it.

Happy Car Washing